Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nottingham The Slazenger Open Saturday Qualy Scores

Daniel Cox
Nottingham The Slazenger Open Saturday Qualy Scores

The qualy at The Slazenger Open has began and 2 rounds were played today. There is still one mroe round to go that will be played tomorrow.

Some of the players that won their 2 matches today and will be on action on Sunday are: Daniela Cox, Alejandro Falla and Vincent Spadea.

Check out all the scores from The Slazenger Open.

The Slazenger Open Qualy 1st Round

GROTH, Samuel def BUBKA, Sergei
NIELSEN, Frederik def MONROE, Nicholas 46 64 60
FISCHER, Martin def KUDRYAVTSEV, Alexandre (8) 61 62
COX, Daniel def (2)BELLUCCI, Thomaz 64 46 64
COELHO, Andrew def CHARROIN, Olivier
PRPIC, Filip def CHEKHOV, Pavel
NISHIKORI, Kei (7) def WIDOM, Todd 63 67 63
(3)KUNITSYN, Igor def COUPLAND, George (WC)
SANGUINETTI, Davide def MORGAN, George (WC) 62 75
FALLA, Alejandro (5) def (WC)SMETHURST, Dan 64 62
(4)GARCIA-LOPEZ, Guillermo def EVANS, Daniel(WC) 36 63 64
EATON, Chris def BAMFORD, Neil 64 75
GREGORC, Luka def BLOOMFIELD, Richard 76 62
SPADEA, Vincent (6) def REHNQUIST, Bjorn 63 64

The Slazenger Open Qualy 2nd Round Scores
GROTH, Samuel def (1)TIPSAREVIC, Janko SRB 76 64
NIELSEN, Frederik def FISCHER, Martin 63 76
NISHIKORI, Kei def PRPIC, Filip 60 64
BOGDANOVIC, Alex def (3)KUNITSYN, Igor 64 63
FALLA, Alejandro (5) def SANGUINETTI, David 5-3 ret
EATON, Chris def (4)GARCIA-LOPEZ, Guillermo 64 75
SPADEA, Vincent (6) def GREGORC, Luka 75 57 63
COX, Daniel def COELHO, Andrew 75 76