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Marc Gicquel French Open Press Conference May 30th

Marc Gicquel
Marc Gicquel French Open Press Conference May 30th

A. RODDICK/M. Gicquel 6‑1, 6‑4, 6‑4

Q. Tell us about your feeling after this match.

MARC GICQUEL: Disappointed. Disappointed, because I think it wasn't a very good match as compared to the matches I played during the previous rounds. He played well. I mean, he didn't give me any points. He served very well. I didn't feel very comfortable on the court.

I didn't serve well. I couldn't hit the ball properly. Then there was a bit of wind that was a bit of a problem, as well.

Q. But you never managed to get in the game, really.

MARC GICQUEL: Well, I had three points on which I could have won the break back. If I had managed to remain close to him, maybe things would have been different.

But I was not regular enough. I made huge mistakes I don't make usually. I missed some points I never miss. So on the whole, I didn't play well.

Q. Is it a mistake in your tactics?

MARC GICQUEL: No, I did like I did in the other rounds. It's a big court. I'm not used to playing on that court and the feelings were different.

Then he played his game. I mean, I have nothing to say there. I mean, he gave me no points a tall. He played very well from beginning till the end. He does deserve to win, no question about this.

Q. Very often we say once you've managed to return his serve, things get easier. That wasn't the case today?

MARC GICQUEL: No, because he never gives you one point. He didn't play that fast, but he never gives you a point.

Q. He might play Monfils in the next round. You know the way Gaël plays. Do you reckon he can be of a problem to Roddick? Because Roddick is not that impressive during a rally, do you think Gaëlcan defeat him?

MARC GICQUEL: Well, of course, if he defeats Melzer today,you know, he was in semifinals last year. If he beats Melzer, it means that he's in good shape.

Now, he's going to play at his best level to win Roddick, because Roddick plays very well. Even if it's not his favorite surface, he plays very well. But Gaël has everything that's needed to be a problem to him.

Q. Roddick is someone that is a bit of a legend, so is it a problem to you?

MARC GICQUEL: Well, no. I've played him twice. I've seen him playing quite a few times, so no. Imean, when you walk on the court, you want to play your game, you want to win.

Q. If you were to change anything, if you could play that match again, what would you change? The court?

MARC GICQUEL: If I tell you the court ‑‑ I mean, I wanted to play on the big court, so that would be a bit of a contradiction,wouldn't it? No, maybe I would have played better on court No. 2 or 3.

I didn't know I wouldn't feel comfortable on that big court beforehand. But, you know, that's part of tennis, as well. He played very well. He never gave me any points. When he did, it was at 30‑Love, 40‑Love on his serve, so points that were not very important.

Q. When you're in the third round here on the Suzanne Lenglen Court and Roddick, you think, well, if things go fine, it's going to be a big party with a crowd and everything.

MARC GICQUEL: Yes, this is why I was happy to play on a major court with the crowd supporting me. But I'm very frustrated, because I didn't play a great match. I would have liked to have played better and offer the people a better quality show.

No, I'm the only one to blame today.

Q. You played on major courts or the central court in Wimbledon or in the US Open. What's different here?

MARC GICQUEL: I don't know. Difficult to say. It's not easy,no. I don't know. I don't know.

Q. During the rally he didn't give you any points. Was it a surprise to you?

MARC GICQUEL: No, I played him twice already, and when he has ‑‑ he has a beautiful forehand. It can move you from one side of the court to the other. I knew that during a rally he would not give me any points, that he had pretty good coverage of the game.

I had to come to the net to try and earn, score points, but not easy, because he moves very well on the court.

Q. Did you feel any difference in his game plan as compared to the other times you've played him?

MARC GICQUEL: No. He has his very big serve, he tries to be aggressive on his forehand, on his second serve. I had opportunities to have winning passing shots, and I didn't take this opportunity there.

Q. Would you say that Roddick can go further in this tournament, especially when the surface gets faster with the sunny weather?

MARC GICQUEL: Yeah. Conditions are very positive for him. The court can be very fast. That's good for him. No, he's going to play Gaël, perhaps, in the next round. It's going to be difficult for him. But Gaël ‑‑ Roddick is going to have no pressure. He's going to play Gaël, and Gaël is a better specialist of clay court than him. He has a card to play.

Q. What comes next for you?

MARC GICQUEL: Doubles mixed, and then I'll prepare for grass at Halle, s‑Hertogenbosch, and then Wimbledon.

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