Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Australian Open: Igor Andreev Interview January 19th 2010

Australian Open: Igor Andreev Interview January 19th 2010

Q. You had three really good matches against Roger. What makes him so hard to put away?

IGOR ANDREEV: You mean why he's winning?

Q. Yeah. You know, you've had opportunities and you play well against him, but you just can't seem to beat him.

IGOR ANDREEV: That's what the difference in the rankings. That's why he's No. 1. But, um, I don't know. Yeah, it was three times really good chances maybe and I don't know to win or not, but still to make a good match.

But then something missed, you know, something went wrong. Today, the key point was third set when I didn't use the set points. Then after that, maybe I went a little bit down in the fourth physically, mentally.

That's what made the difference.

Q. What did you feel when you were up serving for that third set? Did you have a feeling that, wow, I might be able to beat Roger Federer today?

IGOR ANDREEV: You know, you never think so far. When you're playing Roger or any good player, you try not to think so far, just about next point. Maybe that's what keeps your concentration very like high level. You don't think too far, so you're very concentrated on every point.

But from the beginning of that game, I knew that it was gonna be difficult, because on this side the wind was a little bit breezier, the wind was against.

All the third set, the breaks went from the guy who was serving on that side. So it was breaking. I started 3‑Love, and maybe there was a little bit concentration went away. So I thought that it's already in my pocket, and that was a real mistake. Not technique, but just another lose of concentration.

Then I had few set points, but still, he was on that side, on other side very comfortable with the wind. You know, playing the balls, like deep balls. So actually, I couldn't do much things.

After three, four shots I tried to make a winner and risk a little bit, but didn't work. So, yeah, this is the game. During the game you have these small things which are really making the difference in the match.

Q. Yesterday your friend Miss Kirilenko said you had urged her to make a loud noise to enter the year. She said she did that and now it was your turn.

IGOR ANDREEV: She put too much pressure on me. (Laughter.) Like after she win the match she said, Okay, now it's your turn. No, I was happy she won yesterday. She won because ‑‑ not only because she won, but she played very good match. Very good tennis.

Q. Are you playing doubles?

IGOR ANDREEV: Yes, with Evgeny Korolev.

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