Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feliciano Lopez Breaks up with Pregnant Girlfriend

Feliciano Lopez Breaks up with Pregnant Girlfriend

After days of speculation about pregnancy and his romantic relationship, it is confirmed that Feliciano Lopez and Maria Jose Suarez are expecting a baby but also that they are no longer together.

Suarez, a former Miss Spain, confirmed her pregnancy, but also commented that his relationship with the tennis player is over.

"Feliciano and I broke up, there is no turning back," she said to Hola Magazine.

Quiet and serene, Maria Jose is excited to become a mother and over the disappointment she has the positive feeling of knowing that she took the right decision.

"I know it's hard to face being a single mother, but I would not wish my future child to live a separation or a hostile environment. I think it is better to Feli and I would not have been good," she added.

"I thought he was the man of my life, otherwise I would not have been so much time with him. I was convinced we were going to finish together. We had overcome many crisis ...You Do not fall out of love for the overnight. But I'm realistic seeing the facts. I also love myself and He has hurt me too much. My big mistake in this story is that it should have ended three years ago. I have fought for our relationship and I leave with a clear conscience. I know I can not do anything else. "