Monday, June 21, 2010

Nicolas Massu Wimbledon Interview June 21st

Nicolas Massu Wimbledon Interview June 21st

Q. Just what is your reaction to your performance and the result today?

NICOLAS MASSU: Today I think I don't expect too much when I play on grass. So for me, I try to do my best. If I feel good in the court I try to enjoy. But I know that maybe I'm not feeling the best that I can.

This is one week a year, so for me doesn't matter. Try to do my best and if I lost, I lost.

Q. And what did you think of your opponent as a qualifier?

NICOLAS MASSU: I don't think ‑‑ I don't think about him so much. I tried to put my game, tried to fix my game the best that I can to grass.

But I think this is a different sport. Different sport. I play here the last time three years ago, so I try to fight and try to do my best.

But if there is someone that play better on this surface, it's difficult to beat him. I have my chances today, but I didn't make it.

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