Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gilles Simon Becomes a Father

Gilles Simon Becomes a Father

Gilles Simon became a new dad after his longtime girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy called Timothee.

The baby was born 4 weeks early and because of this Simon didn´t have time to get back to France to witness the birth of his first child.

“It’s been rough; anybody in this situation would have felt ill at ease,” he said. “In any case, I couldn’t have been there. When I fell asleep on Wednesday, there was no sign, and the next day, I get a call to tell me: ‘My water broke. I’m at the maternity ward.’ I couldn’t have made it in time.”

Simon is playing at the US Open and he faces Rafael Nadal in the third round today.

Even he knows that Nadal is the clear favorite, for Gilles the match is a win/win situation.

“If I win it’ll be fabulous,” Simon said. “If I lose, it’ll be even more fabulous.”