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Australian Open: Jurgen Melzer Interview January 22nd

Australian Open: Jurgen Melzer Interview January 22nd

Jurgen Melzer d. Marcos Baghdatis 6-7, 6-2, 6-1, 4-3 (ret) in the third round of the men's singles.

Q. Can you talk about the match, how you felt after the first set, then he hurt his hand, lost his level a little bit.

JURGEN MELZER: Well, the first set was probably one of the worst sets I've played in a while. I think the level wasn't really high. Felt like I made millions of unforced errors.

I mean, I still broke first game and held serve somehow. A really shocking game at 5 4 serving for it. Double fault, easy volley mistake, easy forehand. Kind of let him back into that set.

He played well in the beginning of the second, then it felt like he I mean, at that time I felt like he wasn't hurt. But he let loose for two games actually and let me back into that set. From that point on, I felt like, okay, my game is getting better, I can go closer to the lines, go with more speed without making too many errors. I felt like I was in control of the match from that point on.

In the middle of the second, the third set, felt like he had, I don't know, something with his small finger. But to be honest, I mean, you're out there, you fight, you prepare, you want to be fit. I mean, in the end I'm happy to be through.

Q. So you felt like your level after the first set was getting better anyways?

JURGEN MELZER: Yeah, a lot better. If you look at the unforced errors, I think I made 25 in the first set and then for the rest of the match it felt like I didn't. Maybe I made 10, 15, which is okay stats considering my style of playing.

I mean, the first set I'm not happy. But I'm happy the way I fought back into that match. Luckily not luckily, but deserving of being in the fourth round.

Q. First time in the fourth round. You have to be happy about that. Getting to the stage where you're going to play someone like Murray, that has to feel good.

JURGEN MELZER: It feels good. Of course, I mean, I didn't have lots of preparation here. I was playing only Kooyong, hitting the ball well there. But you never know when you come into a tournament like this, best of five, where you're really at. The way I played the first two matches was really good. Today I was a bit nervous stepping out on court.

But in the end, playing through, happy to be in the second week.

Q. You're going to enter the top 10 for the first time. A pretty big accomplishment, given that you're 29, you've been out there for a long time.

JURGEN MELZER: It is a big accomplishment. I'm still in the tournament. I mean, it's great to be there. But right now the focus is on Andy Murray. First of all, play doubles tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to playing Andy.

Q. You played him before. Do you want to talk about that matchup.

JURGEN MELZER: He's great. I mean, he's playing well. He has his great defending skills. It's like two game plans completely different meeting each other. So, I mean, well, he killed me once here. But the other matches were all close. I was very close once beating him at the US Open when he made his run to the finals there.

I think it's more a question of how I get my game together. I'm going to be the one dictating what's going to happen. If I keep my unforced errors low, push him around, you know, get my winners, I think I have a chance to beat him.

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