Friday, March 18, 2011

Tommy Robredo Indian Wells Interview Thursday March 17th 2011

Tommy Robredo Indian Wells Interview Thursday March 17th 2011

Q. Did you try warming up today, and then you found out that you weren't going to have sufficient freedom of movement to be able to play well? Is that why you withdrew?
TOMMY ROBREDO: I didn't even try. I knew I was not going to be able to play, so that's why I pulled out.

Q. Is this a decision you made yesterday, or did you decide this morning you weren't going to play?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, after the match I knew that if something strange happens maybe I could play. But if not, for sure I will not play.
We did an MRI yesterday night, and we saw the results. Obviously the doctor here says not to play. We have been delaying it as much as possible because we were contacting our doctors in Spain to see what they feel about, and now the decision is done.
Everyone is saying the same, so yeah. I am out of here; and I am out of Miami, as well.

Q. Do you know a little more about what's wrong now that you said you had an MRI?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Yeah, I don't know in English. I think a strained muscle in two places, so no chance to play. Well, chance to play, yes, no, but then for sure I wouldn't be running as normal, and I will have the chance to broke it.
So it's not easy situation for a player, because playing as good as I was playing, I was hoping to try to arrive to semifinals. But when you are not 100% then you have no chances.

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