Monday, June 27, 2011

Soderling Wimbledon Day 6 Interview - Third Round June 25th 2011

Soderling Wimbledon Day 6 Interview - Third Round June 25th 2011

R. Soderling def by B. Tomic 1-6, 4-6, 5-7

Q. What went wrong for you out there today?

ROBIN SODERLING: Well, I don't know where to start.

Well, a lot of things went wrong obviously. It wasn't a great match. I didn't feel good on court at all. And, you know, I wasn't moving well. I was misjudging a lot of balls and I didn't have the right timing.

It was just not my day today.

Q. Can you tell us what was wrong with you? You were feeling sick?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah. Well, sick. I don't feel great, you know. I felt weak; I felt a little bit dizzy. I don't know. It wasn't just a good day.

Q. Do you think having been through a five setter beforehand was the cause or was it something else?

ROBIN SODERLING: No. I mean, it was two days ago and I felt pretty good after that match. I don't think it was because of that match.

Q. Did he take you by surprise, particularly in the first set?

ROBIN SODERLING: No, not really. He played a pretty good first set. But, you know, I was more worried about myself, you know, trying to find my game, trying to feel good on the court.

So, no, not really.

Q. Will this change anything regarding Davis Cup?


Q. You will not play?


Q. Did you wake up feeling not well, or was it only when you got on the court?

ROBIN SODERLING: Well, yesterday and today I've been playing a little bit low on energy. Not terrible, you know. I had some stomach problems. But, you know, I just haven't felt good. But nothing serious.

But on court, you know, I didn't feel perfect.

Q. Did they give you salt tablets or anything during the game?

ROBIN SODERLING: I got some tablets, yeah. I don't know what it was.

Q. Are you aware that some other players are feeling the same?

ROBIN SODERLING: No, I didn't know. No, I didn't know.

Q. He's obviously one of these next generation players we hear about. Do you feel there's a top 10 game there? Were you impressed?

ROBIN SODERLING: I don't know. I'm not the coach. You should ask someone else.

Q. Is he the best 18 year old you've played?

ROBIN SODERLING: I don't know if I ever played an 18 year old before. I don't know.

He's good. But I'm not the right guy to ask.