Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soderling withdraws from US Open

Soderling withdraws from US Open

Robin Soderling withdrew from the US Open because of illness prior to his first-round match and was replaced in the draw by Rogerio Dutra Da Silva.

Lucky loser Da Silva will take on Louk Sorensen.

Sorensen takes the court a day after countryman Conor Niland, feeling the effects of food poisoning, lost an abbreviated match to Novak Djokovic.

By advancing into the main draw from qualifying Sorenson and Niland made history by giving Ireland multiple representation in a Grand Slam men's singles field for the first time.

His agent said in a statement that Soderling started feeling “really bad” Tuesday night with stomach pain and a headache. A doctor recommended he not play.

Sorensen retired from tennis early this year because of a long, long list of injuries but like he had some protected rankings decided to try to qualify for the Open and visit New York for the first time.

It took about 10 players withdrawing for Sorensen to even get into qualifying, then he won three matches to reach the main draw of a major tournament for the second time in his career.

In the locker room as he prepared to take the court, somebody told him he wasn’t playing Soderling.

“I said, ‘Yes, I am,”’ Sorensen recalled with a laugh. “He said, ‘No, no, the Brazilian guy just told me he got in.”’

Sorensen was a bit disappointed—he’d been looking forward to facing a top-10 player for the first time. Then again, taking on a lucky loser was a great opportunity to win another Grand Slam match.

Instead, his hand started cramping at 3-3 in the third set.

Now Sorensen is considering coming out of retirement. He’s just never been able to stay healthy enough to play five tournaments in a row.

Asked to describe his injuries, he sighed and said, “You want me to list everything?”

“I had surgery on my right knee, left knee; my pubic bone got inflamed— that was six months; I tore my muscle—that was four months; had a virus on my heart; twisted my ankle eight times; my back had a broken disk; and a couple of other things.”

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