Thursday, May 17, 2012

Djokovic Rome Press Conference| Thursday, 17 May, 2012

Novak Djokovic Rome Press Conference| Thursday, 17 May, 2012

An interview with: Novak Djokovic

Q: Novak – when you were down one set – did you ever think you were going to win or how did you maintain you mentality to get you through the match?
Djokovic Mentality is what is needed and especially when you are playing against a player who prefer this surface and has already won 2 tournaments on this surface this year already and he plays with confidence and so when I stepped into the court today he took his chances and then I go into the rhythm and I starter to play better than the beginning of the game.

Q: Were you happy because you didn't look too content with things out there?
Djokovic Its frustrating the conditions like this but you just try to keep focused and yes, my emotions are important all through the math and so I have been like that for many years but I just keep positive in my head and pull the momentum to my side and that i show I got on the winning board.

Q: It must be difficult when you are down. Is there anything that you say to yourself or any bad works?
Djokovic There are many thoughts and things that go through your head but you try and focus and think positive and then it is ……. If you think positive then you will have a positive outcome and I have enough experience to know what to do and I used it today.

Q: ………. inaudible are you worried before the Roland Garros?
Djokovic I am not worried -- I think I played well and the 2 matches that I played in the tournament in different conditions – at night and day and I found my way to win against a good opponent who plays well on this surface and this is encouraging for the next challenge.

Q: Do you feel ready for the Roland Garros?
Djokovic I am ready for this tournament and focusing on Rome.

Q: Nadal and Federer in the past years have been sort of drivers. What about yourself and popularity outside the tennis court. They are important for the work of other people who know nothing about tennis. Will it take time – is it a goal?
Djokovic First of all I respect them as tennis rivals and good examples of champions and they have done a lot for many generations of new generations. They have don a lot to raise awareness and I joined this a couple of years ago with Murray also and we are experiencing a good time now but I ma not thinking about popularity and I am here to enjoy what I do and win as many matches as I can and if I can be and
example to kids and up and coming talent – especially with my Fondation to let kids realise their dreams .. I was in their position and its nice to see that.

Source: Tournament website
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