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Novak Djokovic Rome 2012 Inteview | May 13th

Novak Djokovic Rome 2012 Inteview | May 13th

An interview with: Novak Djokovic

Q: Inaudible…
DJOKOVIC: It feels great. This place seems great.

Q: So far on the clay season – how is your preparation because – family issues and you didn't play great and then in Madrid – it was
not the best way to prepare. Are you in a good way?
DJOKOVIC: I think that my preparation for Rome and Roland Garros are being disturbed in many ways because I feel that I have been practising very
hard in the past few weeks. I had a good match in Monte Carlo and I'm physically fit and ready for the challenges that will come and I want to
think only of Rome at the moment. I've had a fantastic time here, especially in 2011 and lots of support and I really feel that this is why I feel really close to the Italian people and so I love playing here and I'm looking forward to going to the Roland Garros this year. Its one of the top priorities for me this year.

Q: Talking about this priority, winning the Roland Garros also is going to be the 4th Grand Slam consecutive for you. Is there something
that you have in mind so that this French Open will be a bigger opportunity that the previous one?
DJOKOVIC: Expectations and pressure are part of the professional sport and this is something that you get used to but I think I have enough experience to
know how to approach a Grand Slam and a tournament and I have played so many big matches and I love the opportunity and I love the challenge and I love being there and it is one of the top priorities but it is a Grand Slam where Nadal is always the top favourite and you know, Federer and other players were able to win it … and it is going to be interesting to see who comes our on top. It’s a grand Slam and all the top players are going to be there,…..

Q: Just on a technical point on the clay – can you sum up the differences what you faced last week and what you will have in
Paris regarding the consistency and the surface – why everyone was so upset there.
DJOKOVIC: The most basic thing you have in our sport is movement and if you cannot be in balance to hit the ball then everything is twice as difficult and that just the difference whereas here you can slip and be on the ball – there you can be slipping and falling down and you can't be on the ball.

Q: When we were sitting here 12 months ago you were in the middle of that extraordinary run. Can you just compare how you feel now, both physically and mentally.
DJOKOVIC: Every year is different. This year so far for me has been great and I have already won a Grand Slam in Miami and I have played in the finals and semi finals and other major events and so, obviously I set high standards for myself with 2011 how it was in the first six months but I never compare and I wanted really to focus on each and every tournament that I play on. Physically and mentally I am fine.. I am where I wanted to be. I am number one in the world and I am winning Grand Slams and I love the challenge and I will now have to work harder to stay where I am.

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