Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quotes: Players thoughts about Nadal's U.S. Open withdrawal

Quotes: Players thoughts about Nadal's U.S. Open withdrawal

Yesterday, Rafa Nadal announced he won´t play at the US Open 2012 and this is what Federer, Murray, Nole and Delpo said about it...

Roger Federer: "It’s not a surprise, because I wrote him and he told me like it wasn't looking good at all. I kind of knew. Saw it coming. But obviously when it's official it's disappointing for tennis, there's no doubt about it. I would love to have him in the draw. In particular, sort of the 12 days before the Open you figure he might still have time to fix what he has to fix to get ready. If he pulls out that early before the Open, it must be something serious. That's why it’s sort of scary. There is obviously the whole debate going on if he is going come back for this year. I hope he will. He's definitely got some more weeks off now because of it. I hope in hindsight this is a very smart decision by him. But it's obviously a big blow and disappointing news for the tennis world."

Novak Djokovic: "He's a great competitor, and he’s somebody I know really well on and off the court. I'm sure that if he was able to perform in the U.S. Open he would come. So I wish him a quick recovery. The fact is that tennis is going to lose a little bit because of Rafa not being there and playing, because he's somebody that has made a history of this sport. We all know how good he is and how popular he is. There is everybody else except him who is going to play there, so I am sure we will have a good tournament."

Andy Murray: "Obviously a shame. I like Rafa a lot as a friend. I'm disappointed for him. But I think for tennis and also a major competitions, it's a huge benefit when you have the top players playing. It’s obviously tough for him. He's had trouble with his knees in the past. So I hope he can rest, doesn't come back too early, and gets them fixed so he can get back to playing his best tennis."

Juan Martin del Potro: "Everybody knows Rafa. He's a big fighter. He will be with us very, very soon, and could be dangerous for us when he come back because he gonna be much better than the rest of the players. He's still very, very young. He has many challenge to do it, so he will be ready very soon. I wish all the best for him because he's a nice guy."

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