Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baghdatis and Sprem wecolme baby girl Zahara

Baghdatis and Sprem wecolme baby girl Zahara

Marcos Baghdatis and his wife Karolina Sprem, former WTA player welcomed their baby girl, Zahara Baghdatis.

She was delivered by caesarean section shortly after at 3:30pm, weighing 2,960 grams (6.5lbs) and measuring 55 centimetres (21.7in) in length.

After losing his semifinal match in Stockholme, Baghdatis received the news that he was a daddy.

"As I got to the lockers I picked up my phone to call Karolina, as she was going in the morning for a check up at the doctor," explained Baghdatis. "The phone was ringing and it was her sister. She told me, 'You are going to be a father today.' I was a little confused as Karolina wasn’t due to go in until Thursday, but she told me, 'She is in now.' So I told her I will arrange my tickets to get to Croatia.

"[Then] as I was walking up the stairs to say goodbye to the tournament staff and leave, I got a call and Karolina’s sister told me, 'You are a father.'"

Marcos catched a flight from Stockholm airport on the Saturday night but he missed the connecting flight in Munich and had to spend the night in Germany.

Finally the next morning he arrived to Zagreb.

"The worst was when my in-laws picked me up at the airport," recalled Baghdatis. "It was so funny as I was sweating so much from excitement, anxiety and all these emotions."

Remembering the first time he saw his wife and baby, Baghdatis said, "I saw Karolina first and gave her a big hug. All the emotions were going through my body all the time, all the adrenalin. Everything is good, 'Zahy' is slowly getting into a routine and Karolina is doing very well.

"Karolina chose her name," continued the Cypriot. "She liked it very much. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘zahari’, meaning ‘sugar’. I liked it too, and we even have a nickname for her, ‘Zahy’. Everybody says she look like me."

Source ATP