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Andreas Seppi Australian Open Day 3 Interview - January 18th 2017

Andreas Seppi Australian Open Day 3 Interview - January 18th 2017

Andreas Seppi def Nick Kyrgios 1-6 6-7(1) 6-4 6-2 10-8

Q. How tough is it to keep your focus in a match like that, especially with Nick being so up and down, the crowd going nuts? How do you focus on yourself?
ANDREAS SEPPI: Well, I remember the match from two years ago. Was pretty much the same. So I knew what's going to happen, what's going to be in the court. So, of course, it's always very, very tough to play in a crowd like this or stadium like this.

But was great atmosphere. Yeah, I always enjoy playing on these big courts.

Q. Having played so many Davis Cup ties, does that help you deal with that crazy atmosphere?
ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, of course it can help. Of course, when you're playing Davis Cup, it's even worse. So I think, you know, playing Davis Cup can help in matches like this, yeah.

Q. Saving that match point with his big forehand down the line, did it help you to finish the match with a bit more confidence to go to the finish line?
ANDREAS SEPPI: I mean, I just was focusing on my game. I served for the match before, lost my serve. I just, you know, try to refocus, play like before.

Yeah, of course, on match point, was a big shot down the line. Yeah, maybe it was meant to be.

Q. What did you think of Nick's performance? Did you notice a change in him? Did you think he was injured? Were you trying to move him around?
ANDREAS SEPPI: No, I was not looking at him. I was focusing on my game. Something happen on court. You have to think about your game. You start looking on the other side, yeah, thinking too much what your opponent is doing, it's difficult to play.

I mean, I wasn't aware what he was doing.

Q. How do you see the next match going against David Goffin?

Q. Oh, it's Darcis.
ANDREAS SEPPI: It's a good match for both. We have same age. We know each other from long time. Yeah, of course I have to recover well for Friday. We have to be ready to play another good match.

Q. Many years from now when you're telling grandchildren about your tennis career, what will you be telling them about tonight?
ANDREAS SEPPI: I tell them to watch the match and that's it. It's the easiest thing to do.

Q. How fast do these courts play? Faster than the challenger tour?
ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, the courts are pretty fast, I would say, yeah. It fits a little bit my game. I like it when it's a little bit faster, not bouncing so high. Yeah, maybe that's why I was play pretty well here.

Yeah, for me it's good.

Q. From what you know about Steve's game, what will be the key, in your opinion, in this match?
ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, he's always very dangerous player. He has a good talent, good hands. Especially also last year, end of the season, he was playing very well.

You know, he try to be aggressive, coming in. A very complete game, I would say. Of course, I have to start maybe better than today at the beginning. I think then it's an open match.

Q. Did you feel you played a lot better in the last three sets or was it all what was happening at the other end?
ANDREAS SEPPI: I think, of course, I played better than at the beginning. First set, of course, he came up serving very well at the beginning. I was maybe not so aggressive than in the end, let him play a lot.

I think, of course, I stepped it up a little bit in the end. But, yeah, that's it.

Q. Did you think you could come back and win after being two sets down?
ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, already the second set was pretty close. I thought I had my chances there to win it also. I said myself, I mean, why not? Two years ago I was up two sets to love and he came back. I thought maybe I could also do it today. I was not worried about two sets to love down, I have to say.

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