Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nikolay Davydenko Blog: What's Beneath Nikolay's Bathrobe?

Nikolay DavydenkoNikolay Davydenko

Nikolay Davydenko Blog: What's Beneath Nikolay's Bathrobe?
May 19th 2008 - From Hypo Group Tennis International

I've been enjoying the spas at the tournament hotel here in Austria, but I must say they do things a lot differently than in Russia. Back at home they separate the men and women, but here not only do men and women take spas together, many of the hotel guests don't have anything on beneath their robes. Which all makes for some interesting sites. At times it's like watching the Playboy channel. Some of the guests don't like the idea of us wearing shorts, but I'm not ready to adopt all the local customs just yet!

Call me conservative, but I am just not ready to bare all at this point. As you can tell in this photograph (which shows Eduard, his wife, Philip and me) we all have something underneath, and that's the way it's going to stay! This foot spa is one of four or five spas we have to choose from. It's very relaxing.

Today I won my first-round match and after that I did half an hour with my German fitness trainer Rolf Shaaf. It's a great situation because with Rolf (pictured left) I have a fitness trainer and physiotherapist - who can give massage - all rolled into one. We started working together last year and he is with me around the time of Grand Slams and Masters Series. He's a funny guy and also a good friend.

After that I had a rest and then practised for one hour with Eduard and Philip. So no time for fishing today :(


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