Saturday, July 7, 2018

Stan Wawrinka Wimbledon Second round press conference

Stan Wawrinka Wimbledon Second round press conference
Stan Wawrinka Wimbledon Second round press conference

Stan Wawrinka speaks to the media after his 7-6(7), 6-3, 7-6(6) defeat against Thomas Fabbiano
Q. After such a good first-round win against Grigor, how disappointing is that?
STAN WAWRINKA: Well, for sure I'm really disappoint to lose a match like yesterday and today. I think I was playing really well yesterday. It was really making the game. During the match, I was a little bit between in my game, not aggressive enough, not moving well enough.

Yeah, I had a lot of set points in the first set. Set points again today. Could change a lot. Unfortunately I lost in three sets.

Q. Coming back from your injury, how much of a struggle to come back and find your form is it? Is it mental struggle? How much of it is affected by your physical condition and concerns about your physical condition?
STAN WAWRINKA: I think at the beginning it's more physical, because you need to get back to fitness level, tennis level. It's a bit of everything.

Right now I'm really happy with my fitness level. My tennis game, I've been practicing really well the last few weeks. I've been pushing myself, pushing my body. I think my level is there.

Now it's about getting back the confidence, winning some tough match, finding a way how to win those points like the set point yesterday. Those little things can change a tournament.

But unfortunately he was playing well. He did the job to win in three sets.

Q. Were you surprised at the way he played? Did you expect him to play so well? You have lost four set points in the first set and four set points in the third set. Which were the best opportunities for you, in your opinion?
STAN WAWRINKA: I think we will never know. We will never know. If I win the first set, who know what's happen. Who knows if I take advantage of it or not.

If I win today, we don't know if I will come back or not. At the end I lost both sets so it doesn't really matter what was the best opportunity for me. I think the first set I had better chance, I had some on my serve. Yeah, was tough to lose three sets when you have so many chance to win two sets.

About his level? No, I'm never surprised when a player is playing well. I expect a player to play well. I watch him play a few matches. I know how well he can play. He loves the grass, apparently. So he's a great player.

Q. When you have the four set points like that in the first set, is it a mental lapse?
STAN WAWRINKA: I don't know. Did you saw those set points or not? I think the first one I miss a slice down the line. I want to change direction. Then he play two points on his serve. The fourth was a return let.

It's not like I had the big opportunity, except I could have served better. That's it.

Q. Can you say how you spend your time away from the courts, during injury, when you were injured, or when you're taking a break, how do you destress?
STAN WAWRINKA: Right now I'm not in the mood to enjoy. Sorry, let's talk about it another day.

Q. What are your movements the next few weeks?
STAN WAWRINKA: I don't know.

Q. How hard is it for you to change surfaces with your knees right now?
STAN WAWRINKA: I will see. I think the grass court was good for my knee. Right now I'm not thinking about what's next.

Photo and press conference from Wimbledon Website