Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Murray Rome Press Conference | Tuesday, 15 May, 2012

Murray Rome Press Conference | Tuesday, 15 May, 2012

An interview with: ANDY MURRAY

Q: Andy, what was the key to turning that round from 3-1 down in the 3rd set?
A. Murray I played close to the baseline. It was a strange match in some ways but it was a good level. I thought that the end of the 2nd set and in the 3rd set was very very windy. At the beginning of the match he struggled with his timing and I was just solid really and then end of the second set he started playing better. Where I got broken I was up 30-0 and I didn’t manage to close that game out but I managed to get the break back right away, then a win behind at the beginning of the 3rd was important and then I was a little bit fortunate at the end but I went for it so. Some say you make your own luck.

Q: It looked like a very tactical match, also Nalbandian plays very complex, do you find that very challenging mentally as well as physically?
A. Murray I didn’t necessarily feel it was more tactical than when you’re playing other top players. When he plays well, which he did today in patches today, actually, he is exceptional, he’s a great player. That’s why it was challenging so I had to make adjustments to my game a little bit but so did he. He’s a smart player, he can play all the shots and, he plays drop shots and he volleys well, he lobs, yeah, he’s a very tough guy to play.

Q: On court it looked like you were both talking to the referee, as though you had a problem. Was it a physical problem?
A. Murray Well I’ve had a problem with my back the last few weeks and that is the first match I’ve played…so I was taking a break and it was fairly physical towards the end. Because of the wind the court was very dry, and I think what he was complaining about the reflection of the sun off a part of the Stadium; it was annoying but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Q: Andy, were you given a warning about a verbal obscenity? What did the umpire say to you?
A. Murray Nothing. He just gave me a warning.

Q: Can you share with us what you said?
A. Murray No. I mean I swear on court regularly. I try not to, but sometimes you forget where you are, and what’s on you. I know it’s a mistake, but I also understand a lot of what he said from my time in Spain, but because what we say is in English we’re the ones who get the warning. I think what came out of my mouth today was not as bad as the translation of some of the things that he said but, it’s not right, regardless.

Q: Did you find it difficult with the light and the shade out there on the court?
A. Murray I actually found it difficult at the start, I was winning but like you said it was difficult with the shadow half on the court and half off, but it was also very windy. But it was really nice, not very warm, but at the end of the1st set, beginning of the 2nd was actually very windy, but at the end of the match they were actually very good.

Q: I think you said you were working on your second serve quite a lot, did you do that with Ivan and has it helped you?
A. Murray That’s something I’ve been working on this year, but over the last weeks I’ve had a chance to practise it since starting with Ivan. So I’ve focused on it a lot, but I haven’t been doing more of it for the last week or so. In the first set and up until the end of the second I was serving well which was important to get right because he’s a great returner, one of the best returners.

Q: Do you say I’ve got more work to do or do you say I’m satisfied.
A. Murray After the last couple of weeks which have been tough, I feel so happy to win, you know there’s obviously things I need to work on but for instance last week, Roger in the 2nd round or his first match you know he won 6 in the 3rd, and then went on to win the tournament. You know that happens when you haven’t been playing as much and you haven’t hit the ball and you’re messy and not perfect on the court. For me, it’s good to get a win against a tough opponent and to get another match under my belt before Paris.

Q: Do you have anything by the way of celebrations planned?
A. Murray I hope they have something planned back at the hotel, I don’t know yet I haven’t opened my presents, but I hope they’ve got something for me.